Could My Homeschool Child Have Color Blindness? Causes and Symptoms

a child holds a handful of colored pencils

When my oldest child was about 5-years-old, we used to play a lot of Candy Land. Very often he would pick a purple card and move his piece to blue, or pick a yellow card and move to green. I was puzzled by it because he knew his colors. I figured he wasn’t paying attention or had lost interest in the game.

One day he made a comment about his coat being grey—and it was dark green. In that moment, I realized he might be color blind.

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Does This Count As School? How Homeschooling Blurs the Lines

two girls with jump with hands raised

I didn’t realize until I was an adult that learning never ends. Now I see that I am constantly devouring new information whether it’s from a documentary, a podcast, a book, or (most often) my children. They ask questions I've never considered, and we find the answers together. Or sometimes they learn a new fact from a book, TV show, or friend and share it with me.

Growing up in public schools, learning was an 8-3 job. Despite being a voracious reader and a curious child, I didn’t consider my hobbies to be educational.

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Homeschooling with BookShark: A Smart Choice for Military Families

a child's feet with painted toe nails sits atop military clad boots

Most homeschooling families have the same basic checklist when trying to choose from the endless curriculums available. We are all looking for one that fits our kids’ learning styles and our budget. We also want one that won’t bore us to death but covers the subjects our state requires. Talk about stress, we have all been there.

Military families are rare. Homeschooling military families are even more rare.

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What Not to Say to Your Homeschooling Friend

two moms hug and chat

Do you have a homeschooling friend? Know this—homeschooling isn’t for wimps. There are days we homeschoolers wonder what on earth we were thinking when we signed up for this gig! But if I open up to you and share that things are tough, please don’t tell me the answer is to put my kids in public school.

It doesn’t matter what path you choose in life; there will be hard days. It doesn’t matter how you choose to educate your children; there will be things that go well and other things, well, not so much.

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Don't Let Decision Fatigue Lead to Bad Curriculum Choices

succulent plants overlap in a random pattern

What’s for breakfast? What should I wear today? Where are my car keys? What should we do today? Do you want to sign up for Scout Mom? What are we getting the kids for Christmas?

Decision fatigue is a real thing. When you consider that we moms get the above questions 30 times per hour, there’s no debate that our brains are tapped out, and we cannot make another decision. As they say, "I can’t even."

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Advice That Homeschooling Parents Need Now

a white Ferris wheel against a blue sky

What do you wish someone had told you before you began homeschooling? What would you tell yourself now if you had the chance to go back and talk to that idealistic mama, just getting started?

There are so many things I wish I’d thought about, and so I’m passing some of them along to you.

It is important — no, imperative — to take breaks in your homeschool. Whether you homeschool according to the local public school calendar or follow a more flexible or year-round schedule, you can’t work your kids every day.

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How Listening to Audiobooks is Making Me a Better Homeschooler

two young children look at a boombox

Many times in my homeschool journey, I have discovered that the simplest changes are often the most effective. This was the case with copywork, which wrangled together printing, spelling, and writing mechanics all into a single task. It was also the case with pulling up works of art for picture study on our tablets using Google image search, rather than lugging heavy books home from the library each week.

But my favorite simple fix by far has been the use of audiobooks in our homeschool.

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5 Homeschooling Expectations You Can Kiss Goodbye

two young boys kiss a happy mom

When you become a homeschool mom, there are a lot of small and large expectations you find yourself reconciling or disregarding. Perhaps you expected to use your dining room for holidays, but the maps on the wall kill the ambiance.

You thought that once the kids were in school you would have free time to hit the gym and grab a latte with friends, but now you wear yoga pants just for comfort.

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Literature-based Homeschooling 101

a dad works with his young son at a table with a world map on the wall behind

Once upon a time…

It’s one of the first phrases little ones learn as parents introduce them to the world of books.

Throughout history, story has been an integral part of cultures worldwide. Myths, legends, and history are passed down from generation to generation through storytelling.

Just think about the impact stories have on our day-to-day lives. Consider how they are woven into the fabric of who we are as individuals and citizens.

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How Reading Helps the Anxious Child Overcome Anxiety

a girl reads a book on her bed with a cat looking on

Having a child who lives with anxiety can often be an overwhelming experience. It’s painful for us, as parents, to watch our children struggle with the weight of anxiety disorder. We work tirelessly to help them learn coping mechanisms, develop strategies for managing their anxiety, and help them live their best lives. What if there was one small thing—something many of us might already be doing—that could add another layer of support to their anxiety management?

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