Color Piano Key Stickers

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Reusable color piano key and keyboard stickers for use with Piano Prodigy.

With these innovative color-coded piano key stickers, it makes learning the notes on the piano or keyboard much more simple, memorable, and interactive. You’ll be able to keep those piano notes retained in remembrance for years to come.

These stickers allow you to quickly and easily learn the name of the notes, where they are on the keyboard, and what they sound like. They will help speed up the learning process to give both kids and adults success, faster.

Stickers are easy to apply and remove. Stickers are made of vinyl; they will not damage or scratch the piano keys, and they won’t leave any harmful residue on the piano. They vinyl material will “stick” to your piano’s keys by making a suction cup attraction. It only takes 10 minutes to put them on your piano. The powerful suction-cup hold will keep your stickers on for as long as you want to keep them there. And then when you want to take them off, they come off clean, easy, and in seconds.

Application instructions provided.

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