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Due to the increased demand for homeschool materials, orders are currently shipping from our warehouse within 5-6 BUSINESS DAYS from the time we receive your order. We will send an email with tracking information as soon as your order ships.


Due to the increased demand for homeschool materials, some products may be backordered. These items will be listed on your packing list when you receive your order or you can view the list of all products below.

You may order any of the items listed now. We plan to ship these items starting on their "Expected Availability" date. We update these charts once every business day. Please check back if the status of your backordered items is not yet displayed.

Backorder Shipping Policy

If your backordered items are used within the first 3 weeks of your curriculum we will ship them out as soon as we receive them. If you have multiple other items on backorder we will ship them when all of the items have arrived in house.

If your Instructor's Guide is backordered you can view the first 3-weeks of all our Instructor's Guide by visiting this page Instructor's Guides - First 3 Weeks.

*Books and other items are listed first followed by math items. The Week listed is the first week of the year the item is used.

**If using a mobile device to view this page please scroll to the right to see the Expected Arrival dates.

Sku Title Expected Arrival Week
PA09 Stories From Around the World SHIPPING 1
PA10 Eric Carle's Animals Animals ARRIVED 1
PA37 Feelings ARRIVED 34
PG01 People SHIPPING 7
PG04 Things People Do 12/05/2020 26
PG06 Then and Now ARRIVED 23
PHB History Pre-K IG SHIPPNG 1
PS07 Why Do Tigers Have Stripes ARRIVED 34
AA01 The House at Pooh Corner ARRIVED 11
AA05 The Llama Who Had No Pajama SHIPPING 1
AA10 Dolphin Adventure SHIPPING 4
AA22 Dolphin Treasure ARRIVED 34
AA24 Johnny Appleseed ARRIVED 13
AH01 Wild Places ARRIVED 30
AH02 Living Long Ago SHIPPING 1
AH07 The Story of Exploration 12/02/2020 4
AH09 Game on in Ancient Greece ARRIVED 22
AS01 Weather SHIPPING 2
AS04 Science Activities, Volume 2 SHIPPING 1
KL034 Teacher's Guide for Explode the Code Books A, B, C SHIPPING 1
KL04 My First Picture Dictionary SHIPPING 1
KL176 HWT: Mat for Wood Pieces SHIPPING
BA01 Charlotte's Web SHIPPING 1
BA12 Favorite Poems of Childhood SHIPPING 1
BA15 Little Pear SHIPPING 6
BA26 You Wouldn't Want to Be Sumerian… SHIPPING 8
BA27 The Silk Route: 7,000 Miles of History 12/02/2020 26
BH02 Tut's Mummy Lost & Found SHIPPING 14
BS01 Pasteur's Fight Against Microbes SHIPPING 29
BS04 First Enclopedia of the Human Body SHIPPING 18
BS07 Science Activities, Volume 1 SHIPPING 1
BS09 Why Do People Eat? 12/02/2020 25
BS10 Usborne World of Animals SHIPPING 1
BSK Science B Supplies Kit SHIPPING 1
1L51 Explode the Code 1 SHIPPING Optional
1L52 Explode the Code 2 SHIPPING Optional
1L53 Explode the Code 3 SHIPPING Optional
CA10 The Aesop for Children SHIPPING 1
CA11 Red Sails to Capri SHIPPING 1
CA17 Tales of Robin Hood SHIPPING 7
CA22 Captain Nobody ARRIVED 19
CH11 Michelangelo ARRIVED 22
CH18 You Wouldn't Want to be Sick.... 01/21/2021 18
CH19 You Wouldn't Want to Explore... ARRIVED 24
CS03 The Usborne Book of Knowledge 12/05/2020 1
CS08 Science Activities, Volume 3 SHIPPING 3
CSB1 Science C Activity Sheets SHIPPING 1
CSK Science Supplies Kit C SHIPPING 1
2L10 Wordly Wise A SHIPPING Optional
2R09 HIll of Fire SHIPPING 6
2R21 Greg's Microscope SHIPPING 4
2R27 The Sword in the Tree ARRIVED 28
3LBN Language Arts 3 Instructor's Guide SHIPPING 1
3R31 The Long Way to a New Land ARRIVED 19
3R33 Prairie School ARRIVED 22
3R35 Third Grade Detectives #1 & #2 ARRIVED 32
3R38 Cora Frear ARRIVED 15 
DH21 American History: A Visual Encyclopedia SHIPPING 1
DR04 Phoebe the Spy ARRIVED 15
DR07 Sarah, Plain and Tall ARRIVED 34
DR13 A Lion to Guard Us SHIPPING 1
DS02 Usborne Seas and Oceans 12/05/2020 11
DS03 Usborne Science Encyclopedia 12/15/2020 29
DS05 Mysteries and Marvels of Nature 12/05/2020 3
DX07 Ben Franklin of Old Philadelphia ARRIVED 15
DX08 Mr. Revere and I 11/30/2020 10
EH05 World Wars ARRIVED 15
ES01 Astronomy & Space 12/17/2020 31
ES07 Mysteries and Marvels of Science ARRIVED 11
ES09 Electricity and Magnetism 12/05/2020 5
ES12 Complete Book of the Microscope 12/05/2020 25
250-MB BookShark Microscope SHIPPING
FA68 Sweet and Sour SHIPPING 3
FH09 Gandhi: Young Nation Builder ARRIVED 19
FR11 Wild Orchid SHIPPING 1
FS10 Understanding Your Brain 12/05/2020 11
FS13 Usborne Complete Book of the Human Body SHIPPING 1
GLB History G Instructor's Guide SHIIPPING 1
IHB-PG History I Parent Guide SHIIPPING 1
ILB-PG Literature & Language Arts I Parent Guide SHIPPING 1
LB03 BookShark Totebag ARRIVED N/A
JH03 The Story of Science: Einstein adds... ARRIVED 22
120-34 History of U.S. SHIPPING 1
730-02 The Crucible SHIPPING 33
MAP2 Vis-a-Vis Markable Markers SHIPPING 1
MU42 Samsung MIDI Keyboard SHIPPING N/A
KM08 Saxon Math K Homeschool Kit SHIPPING 1
2M06 Saxon Math 2 Homeschool Kit SHIPPING 1
3M09 Saxon Math 3 Homeschool Kit SHIPPING 1
4M04 Saxon Math 5/4 Homeschool Kit SHIPPING 1
5M04 Saxon Math 6/5 Homeschool Kit SHIPPING 1
7M05 Saxon Math 8/7 Homeschool Kit SHIPPING 1
171-05 Saxon Algebra 1 Homeschool Kit SHIPPING 1
1MUS21 Singapore Primary Math 1B Textbook ARRIVED 1
RM15 MUS Integer Block Kit 12/30/2020 1

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