Discover & Do: Science B Supplies Kit

Science Supplies Kit B


Science Supplies Kit B

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Science experiments can easily get passed over in homeschooling homes. A Discover & Do: Science Supplies Kit helps you fit the experiments into your life. You won't ever need to skip an experiment because you're missing a cork, a marble, a magnet, a thumbtack, a tiny lightbulb. No need to make a run to the hardware store to buy a galvanized nail (and then realize that you actually have to buy a box of 100, when you really need just one).

A Discover & Do: Science Supplies Kit has the items you need, in the quantities required to complete the 36 experiments in the BookShark Science B Experiments Book.

Items in this kit are consumable but may be shared between multiple students.

The complete list of Discover & Do: Science B Supply Kit items is coming soon!

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