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Walt Disney is an American legend! His creativity and innovation have changed family entertainment all over the world. Naturally, children are fascinated with the man who invented Mickey Mouse, created Disney theme parks, and brought to life so many of their favorite animated movies and characters.

Funnel their natural curiosity into homeschool lessons with the help of this free 2-week unit study. Using the BookShark method of reading great books and then discussing them, you and your children will work through the weekly schedules and included activity sheets.

You get a detailed Instructor's Guide that outlines the chapters to read, vocabulary words, discussion questions, the activity sheets to complete, and supplemental activities such as videos and papercrafts. Pick and choose the elements you want to include!

  • read daily biography assignments
  • learn new vocabulary (definitions included)
  • discuss the reading based on suggested discussion questions (with answers)
  • map locations important to Walt Disney's life (mapping pages and keys included)
  • write a character sketch, work puzzles, and craft an animated flip book (printables and directions included)
  • document Disney's family tree with a graphic organizer

Because the 38-page unit study is a digital PDF, you can easily print as many copies as you need for multiple children.

It's easy to follow this 8-day unit study ...

1. Read and discuss the daily passages.

2. Then do the written activities.

3. Enjoy the hands-on projects.

Request your free unit study (PDF) by filling out this form.

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Who Was Walt Disney? Biography

This free unit study is a small taste of the BookShark way of learning—reading great books and then talking about them.

It's based on the illustrated children's biography Who Was Walt Disney? by Whitney Stewart. While it is not included as part of the free offer, you can purchase a copy on the BookShark website. (Or check your public library for a copy.)

Who Was Walt Disney? by Whitney StewartWho Was Walt Disney? by Whitney Stewart