BookShark LAMP

What is the BookShark Virtual Language Arts Mentor Program (LAMP)?

BookShark LAMP provides students who enroll in a BookShark Virtual Language Arts course with a professional teacher to mentor them through their writing assignments, providing feedback and grading.

LAMP is hosted within the Canvas Learning Management System —the same platform where BookShark Virtual is housed. Through this online portal, the LAMP mentor will access student work and communicate with the student. 


“[My daughter] was already an exceptional writer [before using BookShark LAMP], so I did not expect much to come of the experience other than the occasional "nice work" or "comma missing here" feedback. I was pleasantly surprised when [her mentor] Mr. Myers provided comprehensive and constructive critique of each piece of writing in a timely manner. He was quick to praise and develop her strengths while also gently addressing issues that were keeping her writing from being the absolute best it could be. I am so grateful for how he was able to help her grow as a writer this year.”
—Becky Schaap​

How do I enroll my student in LAMP?

LAMP is a complement to BookShark Virtual Language Arts. You will need to purchase both the Language Arts program and the Virtual Seat for it before you can add LAMP. On the customizations tab of an All-Subjects, Reading with History, or Language Arts Package, add the Language Arts Mentor Program to your cart.​

LAMP costs a mere $10 to $17 a week, depending on your level  of Language Arts.



“My family greatly enjoyed having Mr. Myers for our children's 4th and 6th grade BookShark English teacher. I can honestly say that their writing skills improved more in one year with Mr. Myers than in all the previous years they had been enrolled in school! He was an effective teacher, despite the pandemic, and his critiques were timely and appropriate. I look forward to having him teach my children in this upcoming school year.
-The Dahleens

Why use LAMP?

Many homeschool parents consider Language Arts the most challenging subject to teach especially when it comes to objectively scoring student writing.

LAMP alleviates the stress of teaching the writing process by having an outside professional mentor provide technical feedback on writing assignments, while guiding students through grammar and mechanics instruction.​

How will my family benefit from LAMP?

The Student Using LAMP Will

  • Gains independence as a learner
  • Receive Constructive feedback and praise from a certified writing teacher
  • Learn from an outside and neutral third party (instead of a parent)

The Parent Using LAMP Will

  • Get a break from being the sole instructor
  • Be assured their child is receiving outstanding help in an academic area where they may not fell fully equipped


“Our 9th grade BookShark student was both encouraged and stretched as a result of Mr. Myers' grading/feedback. We loved Mr. Myers' insights regarding areas to improve while our student gained more independence. Mr. Myers was easy to relate to, provided feedback regularly, and was prompt with his grading. As parents, Mr. Myers grading and insights gave us added confidence, highlighted areas our student was either strong or needed improvement and provided us an educational safety net. We would sincerely look forward to having Mr. Myers again in the future, and highly recommend his teaching abilities!”

How do I use LAMP?

2021-2022 School Year Details


LAMP START DATE: October 18, 2021

LAMP END DATE: July 22, 2022


November 22, 2021
December 20, 2021
December 29, 2021
March 28, 2022

LAMP will be offered for Language Arts Levels D, E, F, G, H, and I for the 2021-2022 school year.


“I was especially looking forward to having Dave as my daughter's English teacher this past year for BookShark. I have known Dave for approximately 25 years, and he truly is passionate about writing, grammar, and communication. He comes alongside your student to offer improvement, suggestions, and he stretches them to expand their knowledge base beyond what they think they are capable of. ​”

“He gives rich in-depth feedback to their writing, asks them pertinent questions regarding their literature reading, and the student never has to question what they need to do to improve their grade - as he tells them specifically where they fall short on their writing or literature responses. When a student comes to the end of their high school years with Dave as a teacher, and if they have taken his suggestions and revisions for improvement, they will have all the tools necessary for a successful transition to college.”
—Gwyn Domke, parent of an 11th grade BookShark student

Enrollment Limit

Because the 2021-2022 Language Arts Mentor Program has a first-come-first served enrollment cap, purchasing LAMP is not a guarantee that you will be accepted. The purchase of LAMP moves you toward the approval process. ​If registrations exceed the maximum capacity, we will issue refunds by September 1, 2021. ​

Introducing our 2021-2022 Mentor

Dave Myers

Dave Myers has been an English and PE teacher in northeast Michigan for the past 30 years after graduating from Central Michigan University with both his BS and Master’s degree in education. He has worked with students ranging from middle school to college bound seniors in high school. He specialized in AP Literature, American Literature, College Prep Writing, and the study of grammar. During that time, he and his wife, Jen, raised four children who were all homeschooled until they went to high school. He has worked with public school, homeschool, and online students over the course of his career.

In addition to teaching English and PE, Dave is a published author. He is recognized throughout the Midwest as an avid outdoors’ writer for online sources, magazines, and newspapers. In addition to the outdoors’ writing, Dave has spoken as a motivational speaker at men’s conferences, as well as being a featured guest on several sportsmen’s radio programs.  While teaching, Dave also served as a baseball coach for 23 years. During his time as coach, over 40 of his players went on to play collegiately on scholarship and work towards their degrees.

Traveling and backpacking into remote rugged wilderness are additional passions. Hiking in the Canadian Rockies and territory in British Columbia, the Yukon, and Alaska are all highlights.  His wide array of interests in the classroom and outside the classroom give him a wealth of experience to rely upon when relating to and teaching young people today. His stories and experiences, woven together with classroom materials and discussions create an engaging environment for students to learn in.