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Science C Package | Ages 7-9

Life Science, Meteorology, & Mechanical Technology


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Life Science, Meteorology, & Mechanical technology

Awaken your children to the exciting and complex make-up of our earth. With Science C your students will study historical and mechanical technology (how things are made); geology (rocks and minerals); Meteorology (weather); biology (plants, animals, babies and habitats); and microscopy. Students will return again to study each and every one of these topics in later years.

The Usborne Book of Knowledge serves as a key book for Science C. But you'll also enjoy a biography of Marie Curie, a colorful book devoted to weather and two zany "Magic School Bus" books.

The 30 primary experiments this year deal with weather (meteorology), the human body, and batteries (electricity). Remember--you have all the experiment instructions, a DVD showing each one in action, and all but the most common experiment supplies you'll need included with your Science C package!

What's Included

Weather (CS01)
Discover & Do Level 2 DVD (CS05)
The Magic School Bus Inside the Earth (CS06)
Science Activities, Volume 3 (CS08)
Marie Curie's Search for Radium (CS09)
Science C Instructor's Guide │Ages 7-9 (CSB)
Science Supplies Kit C (CSK)
The Usborne Book of Knowledge (CS03)
Usborne Lift-the-flap Periodic Table (BS14)
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Instructor's Guide, 3-Week Sample

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Scope & Sequence




Can I use this package with both of my children?

Yes, you can! If your children are within three years of age, they can share the same BookShark Science package. Please note that you will need an extra set of Science C Student Activity Sheets for each additional student (one set is included with the Instructor's Guide).

Can my students share the Science Supplies Kit?

Yes! If your students are willing to work together as lab partners, they can share the resources in the Science Supplies Kit C. You may want a second kit if you prefer that each student perform every experiment, or if you have more than two scientists sharing the Science package.

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Included Instructor's Guides

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