NEW 2021 Science for Levels A-F

BookShark is excited to announce new standards-based Science programs for Levels A-F.

Our new Science programs combine BookShark’s signature, literature-based approach of learning content with books while using the standards-based approach of learning through application.


BookShark Science programs include carefully selected books that bring science to life. Students read biographies of famous scientists and inventors, illustrated science books, and stories of scientific discovery. The reading assignments tie directly to the weekly experiments. For example, a week in which your student does a propulsion experiment, they will be reading about rockets. This intertwined approach provides an in-depth, seamless learning experience.

Standards-based Experiments

The BookShark Experiment Book is a new addition to our Science programs for Levels A-F. It was developed to meet Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Each experiment begins with an overview of the key concepts, giving a big-picture view of the main goals of the lesson. The student uses critical thinking to make a prediction, then test, observe, and analyze. As the student and parent work through the experiment together, they discuss how these concepts work in the real world. The Experiment Book provides colorful, step-by-step instructions with fun facts that keep students engaged through the process.

Customize Science in your All-Subject Package!

You can now customize your All-Subject Package to choose which Science program you prefer in Levels A-F. Customizing your package enables you to maintain your 20% discount.

Same Great Books

We kept some of our favorite BookShark Science books when designing our new standards-based programs! Some books remained in their Level while others moved up or down to best align with NGSS. Depending on which Levels you have used, some reading and Activity Sheets may be used as a review, but each week comes with a brand-new experiment to further explore the topic. If you are purchasing the new Science program, you can customize your Science package to avoid duplicate books while maintaining your 10% Science package discount.

Why are BookShark's Levels Labeled by Letter instead of Grade?

Like our Reading with History courses, our Science programs are still appropriate for age ranges. This approach enables families to combine students of varying ages to do Science together and provides individual students the flexibility to choose from multiple levels that fit their age range.

For students who need to meet standards, the topics chosen for each level do correlate to a specific grade, with Science A relating to Kindergarten standards, Science B to 1st grade, and so on.

If you would like to read more about BookShark’s new Science programs, see our blog here:

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