Primary Math 1 Package w/o Manipulatives

Singapore Primary Math 2022 Edition for 1st grade.


Singapore Primary Math 2022 Edition for 1st grade.

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Primary Math 1 Package 2022 Edition

Primary Math 1 Package includes booklets for a year's worth of math curriculum.

Chapters and daily lessons are based on the Readiness-Engagement-Mastery model of learning used in Singapore classrooms. In the Readiness phase, students make connections to previously learned concepts and skills to be sure they have the base knowledge to succeed with learning goals. In the Engagement phase, students learn by doing and construct new knowledge through engaging activities and guided inquiry. In the Mastery phase, students gain fluency, confidence, and deeper conceptual understanding through practice and problem solving. 

Note: Two books (A and B) for each grade correspond to the two halves of the school year. Answer key in Teacher’s Guide and/or Home Instructor’s Guide. 

Package Includes:
Student Book 1A & 1B

Home Instuctor's Guide Book 1A & 1B

Additional Practice Book 1A & 1B

Please note this package does not contain the manipulatives suggested for this level.
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