Saxon Math 8/7 Homeschool Kit (4th Edition)

7th Grade


7th Grade

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Saxon Math 8/7 is an integrated mathematics program that consists of 120 daily lessons and 12 activity-based Investigations. Students are tested after every fifth lesson, and all tests are cumulative. Concepts are introduced incrementally and are continually practiced throughout the problem sets.

Each daily lesson consists of the following:

  • Warm-Up (8-10 minutes)
    Students take a quick Facts Practice Test to increase their proficiency with basic operations; solve several mental math problems; and complete a problem-solving exercise by using such strategies as making lists, drawing pictures, working backward, and guessing and checking.
  • New Concept(s) (10-15 minutes)
    The teacher presents the new increment(s) and works several examples with the class.
  • Lesson Practice (5-10 minutes)
    Students solve problems that cover the new concept(s).
  • Mixed Practice (20-30 minutes)
    Students solve problems that provide practice on previously introduced concepts as well as the new concept(s).

Topics covered by Saxon Math 8/7 include:

  • measurement
  • estimation
  • real-world connections
  • word-problems
  • rate
  • powers and roots
  • geometric proofs
  • scientific notation
  • graphing functions
  • quantitative comparisons
  • balancing equations
  • transformation of formulas
  • literal equations
  • algebraic terms
  • irrational numbers
  • factoring algebraic expressions
  • substitution
  • graphing linear equations and inequalities
  • geometric construction
  • scale factor and indirect measure
  • similar and congruent figures
  • data collection, display, and analysis
  • probability and statistics

Includes student textbook (non consumable), solutions manual (non consumable), tests and worksheets (consumable).

The decision to homeschool our daughter, Alexa, was an easy one. Choosing a curriculum that worked well with her goals and schedule was a little more difficult.

Jenna Henning