BookShark Science C Experiments Book

Grade Range: 2-4
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Teach your child to be a scientist! Includes 36 experiments to direct your children’s natural curiosity into the scientific process.

In these 36 experiments, you will explore together how to make a cave using water, construct a building to survive an earthquake, discover first-hand why animals pick things up with their mouths instead of their paws, and more!

Each experiment ties with the books scheduled in the BookShark Science C package. You’ll guide your student through an exploration of the scientific process, starting with a key question—using your children’s natural instinct to question and be curious!

The experiments include key concepts, detailed step-by-step instructions, colorful illustrations and helpful tips to take you through each fun, easy, and doable experiment.

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The decision to homeschool our daughter, Alexa, was an easy one. Choosing a curriculum that worked well with her goals and schedule was a little more difficult.

Jenna Henning