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Science G

This engaging, new Science course combines BookShark’s signature, literature-based approach with national standards. Through captivating literature and experiments, our highly academic program utilizes crosscutting concepts to unify the study of science and engineering through the common application.

Science G students will dive deep into life science ranging from tiny DNA, to how cells work together, to organism reproduction, to natural selection, and finally to large ecosystems.

Stimulating Books

The spine of the literature is Super Simple Biology, a comprehensive showcase of science and technology.  The book is packed with eye-catching illustrations explaining everything from cell organelles to predator-prey interactions. Integrated with Super Simple Biology are three other books that dive further into the subjects - The Usborne Complete Book of the Human Body delves further into aspects of our biology with its full-color photographs and illustrations. All in a Drop explores how Antony van Leeuwenhoek created his microscopes and discovered microbes.  Lastly, Heroes of the Environment depicts real-life stories of people around the world who notice how human activity affects the environment and find ways to help. 


A handheld microscope comes with your Science G package to use both in your science experiments and in activities throughout the year that tie into your readings.

Your standards-based weekly experiments also support the readings each week. Experiments range from extracting your DNA, analyzing genetic traits and how they pass down generations, simulating organism relationships in ecology, and many more!


An online platform that enables students to access their reading schedules, take assessments, and receive instant auto-grading results. Parents can track and review student work, customize assessments, and message students directly from a computer or mobile device. Virtual courses MUST be started within 6 months of purchase. You will have 12 months from the time of your start date to complete the course. If purchased in April, May or June of this year, access to Virtual can start as early as July 1st. You will be able to start on the date of your choice up to 6 months of purchase date.

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3-Week Sample

One Set of Consumables is included with the package. To add consumables for another student please click here.

Can I use this package with both of my children?

Yes, you can! If your children are within three years of age, they can share the same BookShark Science package. Please note that you will need an extra set of Science G Student Activity Sheets for each additional student (one set is included with the Instructor's Guide).

Can my students share the Science Supplies Kit?

Yes! If your students are willing to work together as lab partners, they can share the resources in the Science Supplies Kit G. You may want a second kit if you prefer that each student perform every experiment, or if you have more than two scientists sharing the Science package.

For more information on BookShark, please see our FAQs page.

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File Downloads

File Downloads
Scope & Sequence
3-Week Sample