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Science D Package | Ages 8-11

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New for 2021!

Science D students will learn about forces and interactions, life systems and cycles, weather and climate, and engineering design.

The literature includes two insightful and engaging resource books. The Did You Know? Science book focuses on the needs of living things, the human body, and meteorology, while the Usborne Encyclopedia of Seas and Oceans book focuses on the ecosystems found in our ocean depths. Your students will read vivid picture books on fossils, magnets, genetic traits, and weather. The literature is complemented by an entertaining story about the Magic School Bus squeezing through power lines, a true story about wolves restoring an entire ecosystem, a captivating introduction to robots, and a biography on the electrical wizard Nikola Tesla.

Experiments range from: constructing a roof that can withstand a hurricane, creating an electrical current to light up a battery, building a robot powered by a motor, and more!

What's Included

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The Usborne First Encyclopedia of Seas and Oceans (DS02)
Did You Know? Science (CS12)
Science D Instructor's Guide | Ages 8-11 (3SB)
BookShark Science D Experiments Book (3SBB)
Fossils Tell of Long Ago (CS13)
Traits and Attributes (CS14)
The Magic School Bus and the Electric Field Trip (CS15)
What Makes a Magnet? (CS16)
Electrical Wizard (CS18)
Bringing Back the Wolves (CS19)
Discover & Do: Science D Supplies Kit (3SK)
National Geographic Kids: Robots (CS17)
Science D Experiments Paper Packet (DSKP)
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Instructor's Guide, 3-Week Sample

Experiment Book, 1-Week Sample

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Scope & Sequence




Can I use this package with both of my children?

Yes, you can! If your children are within three years of age, they can share the same BookShark Science package. Please note that you will need an extra set of Science C Student Activity Sheets for each additional student (one set is included with the Instructor's Guide).

Can my students share the Science Supplies Kit?

Yes! If your students are willing to work together as lab partners, they can share the resources in the Science Supplies Kit C. You may want a second kit if you prefer that each student perform every experiment, or if you have more than two scientists sharing the Science package.

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Included Instructor's Guides

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