Secular Homeschool Curriculum Packages

BookShark is a secular homeschool curriculum. It does not espouse or oppose any faith and is an excellent curriculum for religious and non-religious families who prefer that parents teach the origins of life and matters of spirituality.

Educate from Multiple Perspectives

Religion plays a role in the study of history and BookShark ensures students learn history from multiple perspectives. Instead of the singular view and bias of a textbook, BookShark’s secular literature based homeschool curriculum capitalizes on a wide variety of resources: historical fiction, biographies, classic literature, resource books, and nonfiction to provide context and a fuller understanding of content. The large array of titles enables a family to learn about the historical impact of religions from different viewpoints while students develop empathy by seeing history and science through the eyes of varying authors and characters.

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Why Would Religious Families want Secular Curriculum?

Religious families may want a secular homeschool curriculums for a variety of reasons, including:

•They want to teach faith separate from academics.
•Their beliefs do not necessarily fit a specific mold or doctrine, and many faith-based homeschool curriculums weave doctrine into the history and science lessons.
•They feel that some faith-based curriculums are biased, making it difficult to learn about other cultures or beliefs from a neutral perspective.

You can view samples of our Instructor’s Guides as well as the Scope and Sequence for each program. You can also see samples of our secular homeschool curriculums by clicking on the Samples tab on any of our product detail pages. You can also view the contents and book titles of each package by viewing the various packages below:

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