Sight Word Flash Cards

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Sight Word Flash Cards

Welcome to BookShark Language Arts Level 1: Beginning to Read! Over the course of the year, you will need to use a set of reading flash cards consisting of what we call "sight words." You will find a list of words in a box at the bottom of the first page of the story where we first introduce them in the I Can Read It! books. You will notice that new sight words are printed in bold text. Words your child has already seen once appear in normal text.

 Sight words include features that do not follow any of the phonics rules your child will have learned to that point. We call them "sight words," because they are words your child should grow to recognize by sight, without having to sound them out or having to refer to phonics rules.

Rather than creating your own cards, BookShark has made things easy for you! Just click on the links below to download printable sight word flash cards for each book in the I Can Read It! series. Then, just cut them out and you're ready to go!

  • Book 1 Sight Word Flash Cards
  • Book 2 Sight Word Flash Cards
  • Book 3 Sight Word Flash Cards
  • Prior to having your child read each scheduled story, help him to practice reading the sight words until they come easily. Do this practice before reading the day's story. Show the sight word cards and say the word to your child. Then go through the cards again and say the words together. You can also use cards with the sounds you are studying. Limit the rapid drill time to five minutes.

    Plan on mastering sight words over the course of a week or more. Your child does not have to master these words in a single day! If your child does not remember a sight word as you are reading the story, simply provide it. Your child will "get it."