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Includes everything you need to move your student from the phonetic stage to the skill development stage of spelling, with 36 lessons of Jack and Jill: Instructor's Handbook with introduction to the philosophy of Spelling You See and a Getting Started guide, and the Student Pack, which includes two Student Workbooks, a Guide to Handwriting, and a pack of erasable colored pencils.

Jack & Jill is designed to move your student from the Phonetic Stage into the third developmental stage — Skill Development. (See the Spelling Readiness Guidelines for more specific guidelines on selecting the proper level.) Students at this stage are developing phonemic awareness—the ability to distinguish the individual sounds that make up spoken words in English. They then relate these sounds to print by learning that letters represent sounds, that letters make up words, and that each word looks different. Children arrive at the end of the Phonetic Stage once they have learned the basic rules of phonics and can actively apply them to both reading and spelling.

Jack & Jill:

  • Uses a nursery rhyme theme to introduce words in an engaging yet meaningful format
  • Nursery rhymes introduce words and ideas that students might not otherwise hear and help students distinguish sounds that are similar, but not exactly the same. Easy to say and easy to learn, nursery rhymes add an indispensable auditory component during the Phonetic and Skill Development Stages of spelling
  • Includes 36 lessons, divided into two books for ease of use. Each of the lessons is divided into five parts, A through E. One daily lesson consists of two facing pages
  • Includes erasable colored pencils with each Student Pack

Is Your Child Ready for Level B -- Jack & Jill?  See the General Spelling Readiness Guidelines for more information on placing your student in the correct level.

Spelling You See
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