The Grammar Ace Package

A complete grammar education, in one program.


A complete grammar education, in one program.

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We recommend using Grammar Ace for one year between 4th and 7th grade. We schedule one lesson per week in the Language Arts E Instructor's Guide.

A complete grammar education, in one program. Your students set their own pace. Take the 36 lessons and do them in six months, or two years... you decide. The program is designed to serve kids in grades 4-7, and be all the grammar they will need.

Throughout the entire course, each lesson includes: a definition of the new rule being taught, a scripted teaching segment with examples and ideas, "In a Nutshell" section which distills the lesson to a brief, easy-to-grasp summary, two engaging and student-focused activity sheets, plus answers for everything but the free writing assignments!

Grammar Ace
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