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Are your kids fascinated with volcanoes? Build on their interest with a 2-week unit study jam-packed with science and hands-on exploration centered on this geologic wonder.

  • Learn which type of volcanic eruption you could outrun and which is the most deadly. 
  • Think like a volcanologist and evaluate data using the same scales they do. 
  • Discover the positive things volcanoes provide our Earth.
  • Wonder about volcanoes on other planets ... and find out the answer!
  • Identify the location of volcanoes on our planet and understand why they are positioned in a ring around the globe.

You get a two-week (eight-day) unit study with daily reading assignments, 47 vocabulary words, dozens of discussion questions (and answers), 9 printable activity sheets, dictation passages, multiple hands-on activity suggestions, a linked video playlist, creative writing assignments, art study, and more!


It's easy to follow this 8-day unit study ...

1. Read the daily passages.

2. Do the written activities.

3. Enjoy the hands-on projects.

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How Hot Is Lava? 

And Other Questions About Volcanoes

This free unit study is a small taste of the BookShark way of learning—reading great books and then talking about them.

It's based on the illustrated children's book How Hot Is Lava? And Other Questions About Volcanoes by Kelly Smith. While it is not included as part of the free offer, you can purchase a copy on the BookShark website. (Or check your public library for a copy.)

How Hot Is Lava? And Other Questions About Volcanoes by Kelly SmithHow Hot Is Lava? And Other Questions About Volcanoes by Kelly Smith