Homeschool Curriculum

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Selecting the right homeschool curriculum is a cornerstone to homeschool success. You can spend weeks reviewing curriculum websites, homeschool forums, and parent blogs but ultimately the decision comes down to what you value most: quality, time, and compelling content.

A quality curriculum will put your mind at ease because you are confident that you are teaching enough. Though some are confident in their ability, most homeschool parents share common fears:

Am I teaching enough?

Too much?

Am I keeping up?

Am I holding my child back?

Quality Homeschool Curriculum

A quality curriculum provides comfort in knowing your student is challenged, mastering concepts, and retaining the material. They are well planned, so you can focus on teaching instead of researching and organizing. They are relatively consistent, so each day covers roughly the same amount of material and you are not wondering why you are finishing early or late. They place your student in a position to think critically so they are not memorizing facts, but instead, are ending each day with the ability to have an open-ended conversation about the topics they learned.

Fully-Planned So You Save Time

A curriculum that places a value on your time ensures you have everything you need to start your day on Monday morning. The day is planned, the materials are included, and you simply open a binder or turn on your tablet when you are ready to utilize your lesson plans. A complete curriculum that keeps a 4-day schedule provides both the parent and student time – time for activities or additional work on subjects in which the student needs to improve.

Engaging Curriculum for Students &Parents

A compelling homeschool curriculum keeps your student’s interested. Young students love to have parents read aloud captivating stories. Independent students find fact-filled history and science far more interesting when they read engaging stories about the various time periods and historical figures they are studying. Students of all ages enjoy hands-on science experiments and grasp concepts as they complete assignments. Language Arts is not as laborious when the creative expression assignments cover the science and history concepts they are learning through other subjects.

Most importantly, know that no homeschool curriculum program fits everyone. Be sure to look at samples of various curriculums to see if the plans fit your pace and family learning style.

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