The Constitution of the United States, A True Book

By Christine Taylor-Butler


By Christine Taylor-Butler

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Learn how The Constitution came to be and how important it still is today.

A True Book: American History series allows readers to experience the earliest moments in American history and to discover how these moments helped shape the country that it is today. This series includes an age appropriate introduction to curriculum-relevant subjects and a robust resource section that encourages independent study.

With plenty of photos and helpful visuals; the lively, age-appropriate text teaches young readers about what holiday was established in honor of the U.S. Constitution, the five framers of the Constitution, and other TRUE facts that will shock and amaze you!

This book discusses the meaning and purpose of a constitution; recounts reasons why the United States needed one in the 1780s and the events of the Constitutional Convention; and describes the Constitution's main points and how it has changed.

The decision to homeschool our daughter, Alexa, was an easy one. Choosing a curriculum that worked well with her goals and schedule was a little more difficult.

Jenna Henning