For Homeschooling Parents

BookShark was built for BOTH parents and students.

Our curriculum was developed to equip parents with the tools they need to create a comprehensive, enriching experience for their children.

Developing Strong Academic Excellence
Many homeschool parents second guess themselves as they teach their children. They find themselves asking questions like:
Am I teaching enough?  Too much?

BookShark is based on a literature-based program that has successfully guided homeschool parents for 25 years.

Are we spending enough time on a given subject?

Our academics are superb and our program covers more in 4 days than most curriculums cover in 5.

Are my kids keeping pace with public school students in the same grade?

Our program covers more in 4 days than most curriculums cover in 5.

The All-Subject Packages expose students to 30-50 different books per year and our guides provide parents the discussion questions necessary to confirm students are not just reading, but learning.

With BookShark, you can confidently teach knowing that your students are receiving an excellent education.


"BookShark has been a fantastic program for her because her reading level skyrocketed last year and she went from "behind" grade-level standards in grammar in spelling to on grade level. I'm so proud of the work she has put in for herself because she had the tools she needed to succeed. BookShark was instrumental in giving both her and me the confidence we needed. I wasn't sure I could homeschool and public school had conditioned her to compare herself to other kids and feel like she had failed. Homeschool with BookShark changed her relationship with academics. She now wants to be a writer when she grows up instead of a YouTuber.” —Bethany Lawson


A Lifelong Connection With Your Children

If you talk to BookShark parents, they will share stories of snuggling on the couch while reading with their children or testing science experiments together at the kitchen table. Homeschool provides dedicated time to spend with your kids - precious time that many parents lose when their children leave for school. BookShark is literature based which entails reading aloud to your children and engaging in open discussions about historical events. Our curriculum will help you create lifelong memories by maximizing the quality time you spend with your children (while also assigning independent reading and writing that they will do on their own).


“I started homeschooling when Ryder was in preschool and this is going on our 8th year homeschooling. Getting to be hands on with their education, to see first hand their interests and to be able to empower their love of learning and overcome learning obstacles and challenges together has made this journey meaningful beyond words. Some mornings are pure chaos and some are pure bliss but we get through them together. I know homeschool isn’t for everyone, but for my family I couldn’t dream a better educational route. “ -Dee Marie @xodanimarie



Some parents develop their own lesson plans.  They are either highly creative or have the time to research and assemble materials.  But many parents do not have the time to write weekly lesson plans and compile books from the library while sourcing materials for science experiments. 


“Once I bought pre-planned curriculum resources from @bookshark, my own doubts about my homeschool abilities went away. I didn’t have to invent all my own course material.” —@BillWinterberg



"The teacher's guide you guys supply is a lifesaver! Wonderfully put together! Couldn't imagine doing this without your guides." —Melissa Stoehr 


BookShark is fully-planned, four days per week for 36 weeks. 

Each week has a schedule that outlines when to use the provided books and materials. All the preparation is done for you.  You will start each Monday fully planned with all materials so you can focus on teaching. Here is an example of our Level A (Kindergarten) History schedule:

Each day includes a lesson plan that outlines what to read and what discussion questions to ask.  History plans include lessons and engaging discussion questions associated with the Readers, Read Alouds and resource books.  Language Arts provides teacher scripts and rubrics to ensure your students are mastering concepts.  Science includes references to numerous resource books and concludes each week with experiments and activities. 

Our All Subject Packages or Full Grade Packages include everything you need to do homeschool for a year.  All books, organization tools, resources and kits are included.

All the preparation is done for you.  You will start each Monday fully planned with all materials so you focus on teaching.

To learn more about our curriculum, please review our methodology or visit our FAQ.  You can also view a sample Instructor’s Guide or if you are ready to order our product, you can find our packages by level.


"BookShark has been such a joy to use with all six of my kiddos (Grades K-9). We have journeyed far and wide in our imaginations through so many literature-rich books and have learned SO much about history and the world around us. The instructor guides are easy to follow and make planning our home education a breeze. Everything is set up, ready to go, and well thought out. The conversations we have had around our dinner table have enriched our family dynamics and are developing my children into well-informed, engaged citizens of a larger community." Cheryl R. - Castle Rock, CO