Shark Week Videos: The Ultimate Guide to Free Streaming for Homeschoolers

a shark swims in a gorgeous reef

Shark Week Videos: The Ultimate Guide to Free Streaming for Homeschoolers

Are you ready for Shark Week? We get super excited about it around here because my kids love everything to do with this apex predator of the oceans. It's the perfect way to keep summer learningfun!

We’ve already created our sharky library list and now I’m looking into documentaries. My kids adore documentaries as they add a visually compelling and storytelling element to my kids’ studies.

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5 YouTube Channels for a STEM-ful Summer

a woman looks for videos on YouTube on a laptop

5 YouTube Channels for a STEM-ful SummerOne of the greatest pressures of homeschooling is the weight of responsibility moms feel. They sense the need to check all of the boxes and cover all of the important topics. Even if the idea of exploring interests with less structure sounds appealing, it may be nerve-wracking to let go of the formal curriculum.

However, if you take a break from school during the summer months, this can be the perfect time to experiment with a less formal approach to learning.

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Creative High School Science for Homeschoolers

a teen stands with spiral bound notebooks in her arms

Sprouting beans, dissecting owl pellets, and making a rubber chicken bone are some of the ways a homeschool mom can make science fun in the early years. There is no end to the fun, hands-on projects available to younger homeschool children.

Somehow, our perspective on science changes once they enter the teenage years.

We think we need textbooks, lab reports, and real supplies to make high school science count. We seem to place some undue reverence on science, and believe a mere mortal homeschool mom is incapable of understanding.

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5 Ways to Explore Backyard Birds

a child in a pink jacket and boots looks through binoculars

Birds are a fascinating topic for many kids. They are colorful, intriguing, and can have an array of beautiful calls and songs. Plus, they can fly. What's more, they can be found right in your own backyard. This makes it even easier for your kids to learn more about these intriguing creatures.

If your children want to learn more about birds, then check out these 5 ways to explore birds in your own backyard.

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Homeschool Science for the Non-Science Mom

a boy holds a magnifying glass up to his eye

Homeschool Science for the Non-Science MomHomeschool science? Can't I just delegate that to someone who loves teaching homeschool science? Sometimes, that is the best option, yes. But, for those of us moms that don't have that option, it helps to have help connecting the dots between homeschool science and the subjects we're naturally more drawn to.

Maybe you're like me. You love a good story. Give me a grammar sheet to grade or a book report to read. But, teach homeschool science? It doesn't come as naturally. Here are five tips to homeschool science from a non-science mom.

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Fostering a Love of Rocks in Your Homeschool

a girl with cropped hair holds rocks

Fostering a Love of Rocks in Your HomeschoolDoes your child love rocks? Perhaps you find a beautiful mess of rocks all over their bedroom and your home. And let's not forget when you suddenly realize that the horrible banging in your dryer is not the motor or drum malfunctioning, but a collection of rocks from the days earlier excursions.

Have you ever been on a nature walk and your little cherub excitedly shows you the most beautiful rock they have ever seen? Maybe you gaze upon this gray lump of hardness and wonder what's so exciting about this dirty inanimate object?

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