Creative Summer Homeschooling

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If you’re taking a break from your curriculum, and regular lesson plans but you want to keep your kids learning, here are a few great ways to get creative with homeschooling through the summer. Your children will have so much fun they might not even realize they’re learning

Join a Summer Reading Program

Most libraries host reading programs that are so much fun for kids. They encourage reading, have fun events, and kids can even earn prizes for reading. Getting together with other kids and having fun events is a great way to get kids involved with their local library, and encourage them to pick up a book.

Start a Summer Reading Club

Get together with some friends whose kids are the same age or grade level as your own and start a book club. You can pick books with a theme or from a series. Then, organize projects and activities based on the book. Finally, get together for a great time and a lot of learning.

Take Nature or Beach Walks

One of the best things about the amazing summer weather is the ability to get outside. Take walks and collect flowers, leaves, rocks, shells—whatever interests your child. Take pictures of birds or wildlife and then research it when you get home. Getting out into nature is an amazing way to spark curiosity and get your child excited about learning more.

Go See a Movie (After Reading the Book)

Summer is a great time for movie blockbusters and so often they are based on books. Read the book together as a family, or even listen to the audiobook in the car on a long trip. Then, spend a hot day in the cool theater enjoying the show. Afterward, you can compare the book and movie and have a great discussion.

Visit Museums

Creative Summer HomeschoolingIf you are vacationing or even staying close to home, go visit museums, zoos, and science centers. There is so much to learn about history, science, art, and more by taking a trip to a museum. Look for historical sites that have museums or visitors centers to find a wealth of information. Look for hands-on activities at aquariums and science centers to get your kids excited and ready to learn.

Have a Yard Sale or Lemonade Stand

Want to do some real-life math practice? Let your kids have a yard sale, bake sale, or set up a lemonade stand. They’ll learn about counting money, making change, even the cost of goods and profit. You can make signs together as an art project. Your child will learn a little about business, some practical math skills, and have some cash in their pocket at the end of the day.

Plant a Garden

Let your kids help plan a garden and grow all their favorite veggies. They can learn about what plants need, their parts and how they work. Also, they can learn what it takes to maintain a garden. They can help weed and fertilize, learn about garden pests, and have great, healthy vegetables by the end of the summer.

Get Creative

By getting creative, you can continue homeschooling through the summer but in a much more fun and interactive way. You don’t need lesson plans to have great experiences. Your kids will have fun and make memories, all while learning something new.

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