3 Ways to Rejuvenate Your Read-Aloud Routine

a curly haired mom in a floral dress sits on a blanket, reading a book

Everyone knows that reading aloud is one of the most important things parents can do for their children. As parents, we have the best of intentions, but sometimes our reading aloud routine can get thrown off course.

  • Maybe your children have been under the weather.
  • Maybe your homeschool routine is in a rut.
  • Maybe the kids are cranky.
  • Maybe you are all lacking motivation.

Whatever the reason, please know that you are not alone. No one is immune to bumps in the homeschooling road. Those bumps are inevitable and are part of the journey. When it comes to reading aloud, it is important to remember that consistency is key.

Just as you model kindness and manners day in and day out, you must model a love of reading. If your goal is to raise lifelong readers, you must try to read aloud to your children every single day. If you find that you are lacking a read-aloud rhythm, it can be helpful to take a moment to regroup and get back on track.

When things are off-course, scheduling can help you to get back in a habit. Here are some tips to rejuvenate your read-aloud routine.

3 Ways to Rejuvenate Your Read-Aloud Routine1. Schedule Library Visits

Dust off that planner and pick the day with the fewest obligations. Schedule a library visit. Write it down in your calendar and follow through, every single week.

There is little that inspires reading aloud more than a trip to the library.

Provide each of your children with a library tote bag and let them check out whatever they can carry. When they aren't looking, sneak in some of your favorite children's books and books that you think they will love. Fresh books will make your children eager to read and you will have plenty of inspiration for the week ahead!

2. Schedule Read-Aloud Time

We make space for what is important. When your read-aloud routine is off-track, it helps to schedule the time in your day. If bedtime stories tend to be too chaotic, read aloud in the morning instead. There is no hard-and-fast rule that you must read at bedtime. Every family is unique. Do what works best for your family. Create a new tradition together; it will be well worth it!

3. Remember the Fun

Above all, be sure to make reading fun! If it's enjoyable, your children are going to want to do more of it. So snuggle together in a favorite chair, brew some tea and enjoy a snack, or take a favorite book outside for a picnic. When you make reading special, you not only grow readers but also build relationships and make memories!

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