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5 Secrets to Following Through This Homeschool Year

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Some homeschoolers, though, maintain their enthusiasm throughout the entire school year. They wake up with energy, eager to homeschool their kids another day. They start a new curriculum or subject and actually see it through to completion, year after year.

If you want the same results, incorporate these secrets of homeschool follow through into your routine.

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How to Overcome a Bad Day of Homeschool

get over a bad day of homeschooling

I am one of those people who love the first day of school. I have new school supplies laid out ahead of time, the kids are always excited, and I live for the newness of back to school season. But last year our first day of school came and went. And let me say it was less than perfect. The next day was even worse, and by the end of the week I was ready to ship them all off on the big yellow school bus.

But homeschool moms don’t really have that option, do we? Our choice is simple —we have to man up and overcome it! I did, and you can too! Here is how to overcome a bad homeschool day (or week).

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5 Secrets of My Low-Stress Homeschool Planning

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What planner are you using this year? Have you found a new math curriculum? What’s your schedule looking like for fall?

The buzz in the homeschool world is hyped around planning, planners, and all things organizing. I get it. We’re homeschool moms. We plan things. That’s what we love to do!

It gives us a sense of control in our often chaotic lives. Add it helps us to manage our days full of history lessons, co-op meetings, and dance lessons.

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Do You Really Want a Dedicated Homeschool Room?

a lovely school area with cubbies

If you browse Pinterest for the term homeschool you will undoubtedly run across drop-dead gorgeous homeschool rooms dedicated solely to learning. The cutest ones I’ve seen have small desks and chairs in a perfect row, student work hung on the wall, an alphabet chart running close to the ceiling, orderly book cases or cubbies, and a welcoming rug on the floor. There may even be a cozy reading nook with soft cushions or a bean bag chair. It's enough to inspire jealousy when you compare that vision to your dingy bookshelves crammed with paperwork and a crumb-laden kitchen table that doubles as homeschool desk.

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My Slow Summer Planning

a mom does planning with pencil and sticky notes in hand

My Slow Summer PlanningHomeschool moms have sonar hearing for words like planner, list, and curriculum sales. We find joy in laying out the next school year to come, as we should! The anticipation of an upcoming school year is a great motivator, but sometimes we can let the planning get in the way of other things that are really important too—things like enjoying the summer months and the break you have from school. Or we let stress and worry seep in while we plan. Or, worse of all, we can overlook the ones who we’re actually doing this for—our kids!

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What a 1912 Eighth Grade Exam Taught Me About Choosing Homeschool Curriculum

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With one foot in childhood and the other entering adulthood, eighth-grade is a pivotal time. Choosing homeschool curriculum can be nerve-racking when you realize that eighth grade can set your child up for success or hold him back. I found inspiration for my son's curriculum choices in a very odd place—a 1912 eighth grade exam.

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Tips for Teaching ADHD Kids at Home

a young child sits, chin in hand with head cocked

Tips for Teaching ADHD Kids at HomeKids with ADHD are bright, funny, and charming. Typically, they are highly intelligent and creative. But when it’s time to do a lesson for school, these positive traits can be replaced by other not-so-positive traits: inattention, hyperactivity, daydreaming, irritability, even outright defiance.

Trying to parent a child with ADHD is difficult. Trying to teach a child with ADHD can feel almost impossible, especially if you are using a traditional approach to homeschooling.

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Why I No Longer Homeschool Through the Summer

I was so worried about summer slide and about keeping ahead of the curve that I didn’t stop to think about any other consequences of my choice to school through summer.

Homeschooling through the summer kept the kids academically up to pace. For instance they didn’t lose math concepts since they were practicing them all summer long. What they did lose, however, was a true sense of freedom, breathing deeply, and just being.

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Why You Should Read Aloud to Your Kids with ADHD (And How to Do It!)

a parent wearing a purple floral shirt and neon teal fingernail polish holds an open book

The idea of reading stories aloud to our children is almost as old as the idea of parenthood itself. Long before printed books were available, children learned history, language, and more simply by oral retelling. Now that many of our children are exposed to technology at a young age, reading stories aloud can seem a bit outdated.

But using read-alouds with our children, especially children who have ADHD, can be wonderfully beneficial.

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Five Things to Do This Summer to Get Ready for Next School Year

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I am a true savorer of the seasons. I’m not one to rush through to the next thing, but instead, I like to embrace the season, let it sink in and enjoy it. Even so, there’s nothing wrong with following Helen Keller’s advice to “be thankful for what you have while working for what you want.”

So even though I can be thankful for slow lake days and Popsicles melting down to my kids’ elbows, I can also be thinking ahead to the approaching school year. Here’s five things I’m doing this summer to get ready for a great homeschool year to come.

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